Massage Treatments

The Swedish Massage

This is the massage to end all stress.

Deep Tissue / Medical Massage

Assists when your body has experienced trauma, muscle adhesion, scar tissue, or other painful conditions

Performance Restoring Massage

A honed healing tool that will help you re-gain your mobility and range of motion

David has been practicing massage therapy for over 35 years. His passion is to assist people in living a pain-free, stress reduced, holistic lifestyle that feels balanced and peaceful.

David is trained in many massage and lifestyle modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Medical Massage, Reiki and Auricular Therapy. Both his peers and clients appreciate his intuitive and scientific abilities in pinpointing the cause(s) of pain or discomfort in the body. In fact, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and MDs make appointments with David when they themselves are in need of assistance.

Over the years, David has massaged professional athletes, Olympic coaches, and several stars on TV and movie sets. He intuitively understands how the muscles connect and the relationship they have with the movement of the body. Realizing that massage is never a ‘one size fits all’ modality and that every “body” has individual needs has led him to create his own particular modality called Performance Restoring Massage, a honed healing tool that allows people from all walks of life to regain mobility in parts of their bodies that have been compromised due to injuries, accidents or simple wear and tear.
David served as Medical Director for The New York State Society of Medical Massage Therapists and on their Board of Directors. Currently, he can be found working with clients in Manhattan and on Long Island.

Meet David

Meet David

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