Do I need to shave before the treatment?

You always want to shave before a laser hair removal treatment because the best treatments happen when the hair is as short as possible. The goal is to have the heat penetrate into the hair follicle not singe the surface. If you have issues shaving we can discuss them first but generally it is best to shave before the treatment.

If I shave how will you find the hair?

When performing laser hair removal one treats the whole area targeting numerous hairs at once rather than each individual hair. A technician does not need to see the actual hair because the laser goes over the entire treatment area and the heat is dispersed into the hair follicles.

Will laser hair removal work on me?

It doesn’t matter what skin tone you are as long as the hair is somewhat dark, laser hair removal will work. Red, blonde and grey hair have less pigment and are not picked up by the laser. If you are unsure if the treatment will work for you it is always best to come in for a consult.

Is it safe?

Laser hair removal is safe when done correctly. It does not inhibit fertility or affect any type of implants.

Does laser hair removal REALLY work?

As long as the hair you are looking to target is dark, laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction of hair. Laser hair removal is not a perfect science, therefore results may vary but generally speaking one can expect a 70 to 80 percent reduction after 6 to 8 treatments.

What is the time frame involved?

Most body parts require that one returns several times within at least 6 to 8 weeks apart. Hair on the face may require 4 weeks apart.

Why can’t I wax or pluck the area between treatments?

In order for the laser to find the hair in any given area the dark root needs to be present in the hair bulb. When one plucks or waxes one removes the dark root not allowing the laser to target the hair follicle.

I heard laser hair removal hurts how do I know I can tolerate it?

After many years of treatments, I have had people who are very sensitive to pain and others who are less so. I have never had anyone not be able to go through a treatment and we can always numb ahead of time to help. One of my clients once said, “While waxing is like a rip laser hair removal is a pinch.” It really does feel like a rubber band snap. There is mild tingling but no major discomfort after the session.

I’m a darker skin tone, I heard laser doesn't work on my type of skin.

This may have been true years ago but with the advent of technology laser hair removal now works well on any skin type regardless of skin tone. The most important indication of success is no longer the skin tone but the color of the hair to be treated.

Any dangers I should know about?

Laser hair removal when done by an experienced professional is a safe and effective treatment, that said there are two main contradictions that may constitute your non-treatment for a session. You must be off oral antibiotics at least two weeks prior to your appointment and not have had sun exposure, a tanning bed session or a spray tan in the area treated for at least two weeks for darker skin tones and four weeks for lighter skin tones. Ultimately, if for any reason you are deemed not safe to treat that day expect to be rescheduled. I love my clients and I always want them to be safe. My motto is always safety first and results second no compromising!

I want to treat my face but I don't want to go back to work looking red and inflamed, will this happen?

Generally, the coarser the hair the more initial irritation you may have. Usually this goes down within an hour. Hair on the face is generally much thinner than on legs or bikini so the redness is relatively mild and makeup may be applied over it rather quickly, besides this is New York, everybody is more concerned with themselves and probably won’t notice anyway.