The Technology

What does a DeBeers Diamond, a priceless work of art and your skin have in common? The technology that creates beautifully cut diamonds and preserves priceless historical artifacts is the same technology we have invested in to take care of your skin. QUANTA state of the art lasers are handmade in Italy with the most advanced technology available.

These lasers are not for technicians, but for Aesthetic Laser Specialists who transform their craft into an art. They are designed and engineered to be the best. QUANTA has set the standard by which all other systems are judged. With the ability to fine tune and customize treatments, you will receive the finest care available.

Imagine, having choices in how your treatments are delivered. The QUANTA EVO Light not only moves exceptionally fast – up to 10 hertz repetition rate for ultra-fast treatments – but has the option of two types of coolants so that we can customize treatments to make them as comfortable as possible for you.