Monica Heller

Monica Heller

Monica began as a powder girl for television at Silver Cup Studios making sure all sorts of people from Diane Von Furstenberg to Elvis impersonators appeared “non-shiny” on national TV. Coming from a small city in the South, this was a dream come true. Ultimately, her love of skincare and makeup had her working in various department stores and Madison Avenue boutiques.

After years of personal beauty shopping for clients, she decided to make a change. She graduated from L’Atelier Esthetique, the top NYC aesthetic school, and began working at a Madison Avenue skin and laser boutique shortly thereafter. Within her first year in this new career, she created a large following of loyal clientele. Within three years she was the busiest and most requested technician there. In 2014, she created a partnership with one of the top modeling agencies in NYC and began treating models on a regular basis before important castings, runway shows, and campaigns.

Marga Esquival, a rising star in the modeling world, named Monica in Teen Vogue as one of her beauty secrets used before her runway shows. Monica has had other mentions and accolades in beauty and model blogs and has written an article for Euro Cosmetic magazine, a trade journal for skin care manufacturers that includes articles by top innovators, doctors and chemists.  

In 2016, Monica Heller opened her first studio in Murray Hill.  Her vision is to create a space that is comfortable, intimate, and peaceful.
Monica’s commitment is to keep it simple, safe, effective and have you realize how truly unique and special you are. Together, we all make a difference and we each have talents to discover share and contribute.

Ask Monica About Laser Hair Removal

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Alexis A

Technically, she’s very skilled. I’ve seen better and faster results from a few sessions with her than I did with multiple and more expensive sessions somewhere else.

Monica's Philosphy

Every client that comes through her door can expect outstanding customer service. A former Senior Technician at a NYC Med Spa, Monica has chosen to branch out on her own and create the type of company that has integrity, honesty and generosity as its benchmarks.  

Performing over 70,000 treatments, which include laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, peels, acne treatments, and facials, Monica’s well equipped battery of experience and knowledge can provide you with the best course of treatment whether your goal is to be hairless or have skin so beautifully smooth that make-up is no longer a necessity.

Proficient at treating both men and women, Monica is happy to demystify the entire process and make you feel comfortable and empowered throughout your course of treatments.  

Her philosophy is very simple: Safety first. No matter what, your safety and well-being will never be compromised.  

Monica is a strong advocate for personalized service – a true rarity in this impersonal city. If you are comfortable in a laser hair removal factory, then this is not the place for you. If, however, you prefer a personal touch with one of the most experienced laser hair and esthetic specialist’s in Manhattan, then this is the place for you.  

Adrienne M

I was so self conscious for so long about the hair on my face.  After several sessions with Monica I no longer have to think about it everyday. The hair has gotten very thin and barely noticeable and it is no longer a concern for me.