are a wonderful way

to maintain the integrity of your skin, slow aging, and show the world a bright and healthy face on a regular basis.

Living and working in New York City definitely takes its toll on your face. Just the grime that accumulates is enough to prematurely age, cause acne, dull and dehydrate otherwise beautiful skin. Facials are to New York what sun is to the Caribbean. They are an absolute must to maintain healthy, clean and vibrant skin. Even daily home careful cleaning isn’t enough. While there is often an assumption that facials are designed to help clear acne, they are actually perfect for any kind of skincare regimen. Facials are a wonderful way to maintain the integrity of your skin, slow aging, and show the world a bright and healthy face on a regular basis.

At Laser by Monica, we offer three levels of facials to help your skin reach its potential.

Each facial is specifically targeted to individual needs and concerns, and includes a stress-reducing massage to get you ready to tackle whatever challenges your day will bring.

Level 1

This facial is best for a normal to combination skin that may have hormonal breakouts from time to time or may need a brightening to even out and wake up the skin. It’s very gentle so its designed for people who have never gotten a facial before, need very mild if any extractions or need a pick me up before an event. You walk in with dull skin and you walk out with a glow. This facial may include a customized protocol of steam, exfoliation, gentle extractions, mask and a cocktail of vitamins and peptides infused into the skin. Good for very sensitive skin. 125.00

Level 2

This facial is designed to be a deep cleaner specifically great for acne, oily, dehydrated or combination skin. If your skin is full of whiteheads, blackheads and bumps this is the facial for you. This facial’s focus is on extractions and cleaning. It includes everything in Level 1 but with deeper extractions, an ultrasonic sweep of the skin, a brightening enzyme or cell conditioner and a stem cell mask to hydrate the skin. If you love extractions this is the facial for you. 150.00

Level 3

This is a great facial for any skin type that wants more TLC. This facial is customized with several modalities depending on what your skin condition is and can include LED Therapy for Acne or Aging skin, Oxygen Therapy for dehydrated or sensitive skin, Microdermabrasion to take off a layer and even out hyperpigmentation. It includes everything in Level 1 with more advanced therapies to give the skin that extra push to perfection. 175.00

Whether you are a long-time user of facials, peels, and laser treatments, or you are just beginning your higher level of skincare, contact us today to set up an appointment.

We are conveniently located in Murray Hill and have clients from all over the greater New York City area.


Peels are safe and effective for treating hyper pigmentation, scarring and acne on all skin tones and types


Exfoliation is essential for beautiful, clear skin, but it’s a fine line between effective and unhealthy


Dermaplaning, meanwhile, is a simple, 20 minute procedure that is entirely painless and relaxing.

Oxygen Facial Therapy

Oxygen Skin therapy infuses the skin with highly concentrated oxygen paired with topical vitamins.