Oxygen Facial Therapy

The stress, sweat, and grime of everyday life can build up on you and your skin. If you’re tired of your face feeling dehydrated, sensitive, or sun-damaged, it’s time to give yourself a breath of fresh air.

What is Oxygen Skin Therapy?

Oxygen Skin Therapy infuses the skin with highly concentrated oxygen paired with topical vitamins, which allow for rapid absorption. The 99% pure oxygen concentrate stimulates tissue detoxification, kills bacteria, and prevents premature aging. Meanwhile, the mixture of vitamins offers countless benefits for your skin:

  • Vitamin A preserves skin elasticity, which delays wrinkles and aids tissue growth
  • Vitamin B keeps skin smooth and unblemished
  • Vitamin C promotes collagen production, which protects your skin from damage
  • Vitamin E maintains and strengthens the skin

This combination of oxygen and vitamins revitalizes your skin while nourishing it, which helps prevent future skin problems.

The Treatment

Our particular oxygen facial is delivered with a precision glass instrument so that the vitamins will not oxidize before application, unlike many of the metal delivery systems. The process itself is relaxing, and a great alternative to fillers and botox.

Additionally, oxygen skin facial treatments can help heal the skin further after chemical peels.

Recommended for all skin types and conditions, because who doesn’t need some fresh air in Manhatten? Contact us today to start healing your skin.

Oxygen Facial Therapy

Single Session 175.00
Series of five 700.00