Do you have peach fuzz that won’t allow your makeup to sit smoothly on your face? Does your skin tend to have a rough feel to it it no matter how much you exfoliate? How about annoying breakouts around the chin and cheeks, or dull, dry skin no matter how much moisturizer you use?

If you answered yes to any these questions, then dermaplaning is a perfect option for you.

What is Dermaplaning

Many people are unaware that dead skin cells, thin hairs, and uneven skin can produce an overall dull complexion plagued by mini breakouts. Then, in an attempt to fix the symptoms, some people will overuse products packed with chemicals or antibiotics.

Dermaplaning, meanwhile, is a simple, 20 minute procedure that is entirely painless and relaxing. A sterilized, single-use surgical blade is used to scrape dead skin and vellus hairs off the face, leaving smooth, bright and even toned skin.

There’s absolutely no recovery time for dermaplaning, and you’ll notice the difference in your skin as soon as the treatment is finished. In addition to your skin looking brighter and feeling softer, skin care products will penetrate more efficiently. This is a great option for all skin types to create a healthier appearance for your skin, and dermaplaning is entirely safe for women who are pregnant.


Dermaplaning can also be combined with other treatments, such as facials, and Laser by Monica offers two dermaplaning plans to suit your needs.


Single session 125.00
Series of five 500.00