Pigmented Lesions

Everything from our diets, to our genetics, to what skincare and makeup products we’ve used through our lives can have a drastic impact on our skin as we age. While we all enjoy spending time out in New York City, it’s not uncommon for unsightly sunspots on the face, hands and other areas of the body to develop over time. This discoloration can be aging, but with laser treatment, you can take control of these lesions and have beautiful, younger looking skin.

Our pigmented lesions removal treatment uses a laser to target the pigment on the surface of the skin, minimizing the appearance of sun damage or age spots. This process evens out your skin tone and texture, and reveals a more natural, healthy complexion underneath.

At Laser by Monica, you can choose to undergo spot treatment or treatment for an entire area, depending on the severity of your pigmented lesions. Either way, the recovery process is the same.

Pigmented Lesions

125.00-400.00 per treatment

The Recovery Process

After your pigmented lesion removal treatment, your age and sunspots will lighten and peel off over the course of five to ten days. At first, age spots may darken slightly, but this is quite normal and nothing to be concerned about. Always remember, if you are walking around Manhattan after treatment always wear sunscreen, even if its a short walk around Murray hill to pick up some groceries. Make-up can be worn to cover up this process until you are left with an evenly toned, youthful complexion. This treatment can be done on the hands or arms as well.

Laser by Monica provides the removal of pigmented lesion for most skin types, serving clients in Murray Hill, Manhattan, and the greater New York City area. Contact us today to set up an appointment and embrace your beautiful and age-defying skin.