How To Choose Your Laser Hair Removal Services: Four Questions Only The Best Technicians Can Answer

Finding a good laser hair removal technician in New York City can be extremely difficult considering that there are thousands of places that offer these services throughout Manhattan.


Most people look at reviews first when making a decision in choosing a provider. Though it is always a good practice to read reviews, one should also be educated with questions to ask and what to look for when coming in for an initial consultation.


At this point in my career, I have performed over 75,000 treatments and rarely in a consultation am I asked questions that I would ask someone performing this service. This article is designed to educate you on questions that go beyond – How much is it and how many treatments will I need? These four questions will give you a good guidance as to whether a place is truly reputable and worth your time and money to invest in their service.


1) What is the most important thing that you do to ensure that I get a safe and effective treatment each time?


Your technician should ask you questions before every treatment regarding any change of medications, sun habits or lifestyle habits that may impact your treatment. Medication, sun and lifestyle are the three main factors that every technician needs to be aware of for every client in order to deliver a safe and effective treatment.


I ask every client before even walking through the treatment door if they have been on antibiotics or had strong sun exposure recently. I make it a point of learning my clients’ workout routines because I know that someone who runs outside is probably more likely to get color versus someone who works out in the gym. This can have a significant impact on how I approach their treatment. Potential hazards are avoided because I recognize that a client may have a tan even though in their mind they have only spent a couple of hours by the pool. It is important that your technician gets to know you in order to help you avoid potential pitfalls or risks associated with laser hair removal. If they don’t bother to have a conversation, seem in a rush, or don’t ask key questions, you may want to rethink your choice of technician.


2) How do you know that my treatments will produce results?


There are technicians who are monkey-see-monkey-do and follow a manual because they know treating this person on this setting will not hurt them and will also burn some hair off, but they don’t understand why they are doing what they are doing. Choose someone who has an understanding of their laser, their settings and how it affects hair. I always go by skin color, hair density, and hair color. In the six sessions someone may purchase with me, I may never do the exact same treatment twice. It all depends on various factors that determine the best course of treatment that day. Pick a practitioner knowledgeable enough to customize a treatment course for you specifically. You may not understand the jargon they speak, but they have to be willing to explain it to you in layman’s terms.


3) What cooling method does the laser use?


Each laser has to have a cooling method that protects the skin from epidermal damage and also assists in making the treatment much more manageable in terms of discomfort. There are three different types of cooling that are most popular: Gel, Cryogen or Cold Air. Each one feels just a little bit different though they are all valid ways of cooling the skin.

I have had the experience of both being treated and treating with all three, and though they all work, I personally do not like gels as they tend to get messy. Cryogen is often found in the Candela lasers and though this method works well, some people have a histamine response to it, which may make them red and itchy for several days. Lastly, it is not ecologically sound. All those empty canisters month after month have to go somewhere and it’s not the recycling bin.


I personally love air cooling because you can numb the area before the treatment with the cold air and then attach it to the laser and use it during the treatment as well to make the treatment itself far more comfortable.


4) How do you sanitize your equipment?


Think about the many laser hair removal places, especially with Groupon and other deals, that see at least 30 to 50 people daily using lasers that touch extremely intimate parts of the body. I would make it known immediately that I pay attention to this so that my technician pays strict attention to making sure everything from the room, to the glasses to the laser, is all sanitized correctly. While people are so concerned with getting safe and effective treatments, they rarely take into account the cleanliness of the space and the equipment. I’m fortunate in that I don’t have a mad rush of people because I prefer a more personal approach. I schedule enough time between people to make sure the room is spotless and the laser is sanitized to the highest standards. A great laser technician takes pride in the cleanliness of the space and equipment and will be happy to share the process.


Hopefully, if you have begun thinking about starting laser hair removal, you now have a few insightful questions, which will allow you to feel more confident in your choice of place and technician. After all, laser hair removal is an investment of both time and money, and when done correctly and with care, often makes people feel as if it was the best investment they ever made. My commitment is that every treatment I perform is the best that I can do for my clients and I wish this same type of care for everyone, no matter where they go seeking this service.


by Monica