4 Ways Removing Body Hair Can Up Your Game

Have you ever observed male cyclists, runners, swimmers, or bodybuilders and noticed they sport less body hair than the average man? These athletes don’t carry some “smooth skin gene” that keeps them from growing as much hair as the rest of us. Instead, they prioritize hair removal so they and their sleek bodies can take their athletic performances to the next level.

Four Reasons to Remove Body Hair

At first, you might think it’s silly to link body hair to one’s athletic performance. However, being hair-free is beneficial for an athlete for a few reasons.


Many male athletes choose to remove their body hair purely for comfort. Take distance runners, for example. Chafing can strike them for a few reasons, from clothing choice to body fat percentage. No matter the cause of this annoying condition, many athletes find hairless skin is more receptive to chafing creams or jellies. Therefore, it’s easier to treat.

Then, there are swimmers and cyclists. These men know fewer things are more irritating than tight-fitting apparel tugging on their body hair. So, to make putting on or taking off compression wear a pain-free process, many make frequent hair removal a crucial part of their routines.

Cleaner Look 

Bodybuilders and weightlifters often particularly enjoy the visually appealing look of smooth skin. These men spend countless hours in the gym working to tone their physiques, and unfortunately, excessive body hair can cover muscles and make it harder to see the athletes’ hard work.

It’s easier to see the definition of cut muscles on a hairless body, which is why many fitness buffs choose to shave, wax, or undergo laser removal treatments. Besides, body hair also draws attention away from any tattoos, body art, or tans these athletes may also want to show off.

Less Drag

You’ve probably heard that swimmers are more hydrodynamic if their bodies are sleek, and scientists have confirmed it’s true. A body covered in hair will experience more drag as it pulls through the water. So, any swimmer hoping to move as quickly as possible is highly likely to be hairless.

Shaving, waxing, or lasering hair off doesn’t just reduce a swimmer’s drag. Getting rid of body hair also removes layers of dead skin and gives these athletes a better feel for the water — something every talented swimmer attributes to their success.

Easy Clean-Up

Both a cyclist who’s fallen off their bike and a runner who took a nasty fall on a rocky trail can confirm that cleaning and bandaging hairy wounds isn’t easy. Besides, injuries heal faster on hairless skin. Removing body hair gets an athlete back to his sport more quickly and makes ripping off the bandage significantly less painful.

How to Get Rid of Body Hair

Fortunately for male athletes, there are several hair removal methods available. Athletes can choose what’s best for them, depending on their preferences.


Shaving is probably the most common means of hair removal among male athletes because it’s quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive to maintain. However, there are downsides to using a can of shaving cream and a razor to achieve a sleek, hairless body:

  • Since shaving only removes hair from the skin’s surface, you’ll see stubble in just a few days. Frequent upkeep is a must for fans of shaving.
  • Shaving can lead to ingrown hairs, which are not only painful and irritating but unsightly, too.
  • Shaving can cause itchiness and rashes, especially if you have sensitive skin, have a dull blade, or use non-moisturizing shaving cream or gel.


Waxing is another means of hair removal. It’s a popular choice among many male athletes because it’s an effective way to get rid of large amounts of hair at once. Another pro of waxing is that it’s less likely to cause ingrown hairs. Despite this pro, it has its cons, too:

  • It’s not the most budget-friendly choice. Waxing is best done by a professional. Depending on how much hair you have to remove, the costs for the treatment can add up quickly.
  • Some find the treatment very painful, especially if their skin is sensitive to the hot wax.
  • Hair must be a certain length to be waxed, so a male athlete has to let it grow out to at least a quarter of an inch long before he can schedule another wax.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is perhaps an athlete’s best option for achieving a sleek look. This treatment uses a beam of light to destroy hair follicles, leaving them incapable of growing hair. It’s a fast and convenient way to get rid of body hair, and the results can be permanent — no more shaving, waxing, or plucking required.

Before you book a laser treatment, however, bear in mind that:

  • Laser hair removal can be a bit painful. However, it doesn’t hurt as much as waxing does.
  • Touch-ups may be required, as an initial treatment only removes about 80% of the hair.
  • Laser hair removal can be expensive. However, the results last significantly longer than shaving or waxing, so it’s worth the investment.

Find an NYC Esthetician That Meets Your Hair Removal Needs

If you’re a male athlete serious about his sport, make proper hair removal a part of your training regime. If you live in Manhattan or the Greater New York City area, book an appointment with Laser by Monica, and let her expertise take your game to the next level.

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