5 Reasons to Add Laser Hair Removal to Your Men’s Grooming Routine

When hearing the terms “skincare routine” and “hair care routine,” most people think of women’s daily practices — but the desire to look your best isn’t limited to just one gender. An increasing number of men are also embracing skincare routines and paying attention to their personal grooming — and why not? Taking care of your body won’t just make you look better; it will make you feel better too.

Thanks to the self-care revolution, the way people think about their skin is changing. So is the world of skincare and grooming options. Some people stick with tried-and-true methods, while others turn to the latest technology and fanciest products. One breakthrough that is often overlooked, especially for men, is laser hair removal.

The list of typical men’s grooming routine items is fairly basic: facewash, a razor, a beard trimmer, maybe a nice lotion. Laser hair removal is rarely included — and some people don’t even realize that laser treatments are an option. It’s time for that to change.


Here’s why laser hair removal should be included in your grooming routine.

What Your Typical Men’s Grooming Routine Looks Like‌

Imagine your usual morning routine. When you get up in the morning, you might wash your face to help wake yourself up or you might use your morning shower to wake up. If you’re prone to excessive hair growth on your back or have unwanted hair anywhere else on your body, you’ll do your best to shave it off while you’re showering. Then you shave or trim your beard, and go on with your day.

Once you stop and think about it, hair removal constitutes a big part of most men’s grooming routines. Just about everyone has unwanted hair growth somewhere—whether it’s on your back, your chest, or between your eyebrows. Even men with very little interest in personal grooming will spend time on their facial hair, whether that means trimming their beards and mustaches or going completely clean-shaven. Many athletes also opt to shave their legs to improve their athletic performance.

Despite the centrality of hair removal in most men’s grooming routines, the majority of men stick to regular daily shave sessions. Few consider removing their unwanted hair permanently. This is mostly because of a lack of knowledge about hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal is a great alternative to daily shaving, which is why Laser by Monica offers men’s laser hair removal in NYC.

5 Reasons to Get Laser

There are many reasons to add laser hair removal to your lifestyle.

1. Efficacy

This is the number one benefit of laser hair removal. Unlike conventional hair removal methods, laser treatments permanently reduce hair.. After you go through a series of treatments, Though Laser Hair Removal does not remove all the hair it thins it out to such an extent that it makes grooming much easier. After approximately 6 to 8 treatments you will never have to wax again and what is left is so thin that shaving takes a few minutes at most.Instead of spending a lifetime buying razors and shaving cream, you could simply pay for a few laser treatments. You’ll have lasting results for a fraction of the cost.

2. Convenience

Some people assume laser treatments are time-consuming, but they don’t need to be. Laser hair removal treatments can easily be tailored to suit your needs. Whether that means focusing on one specific area of your body or carefully budgeting your time, you don’t have to set aside hours to make your laser hair removal treatments worthwhile. Sessions can be as short as a few minutes, allowing you to squeeze a bit more self-care into your busy schedule.

3. Facial Hair Removal without Redness

Some hair removal options, such as electrolysis, leave your skin temporarily red and irritated. This is a significant downside when it comes to facial treatments. No one likes being in public with a swollen, discolored face.


Laser hair removal for men’s beards, on the other hand, causes little to no discoloration. Any visible irritation usually goes away within an hour, which makes it an ideal choice for treating sensitive facial areas. You can do a session in the morning and continue with the rest of your day.

4. Back Hair Removal Made Easy

Shaving your own back is hard, no matter how flexible you are. It’s almost inevitable you’ll always miss some hair. You also run the risk of accidentally cutting yourself since it’s harder to see what you’re doing. These are major inconveniences that can be eliminated by a few sessions of laser hair removal treatments. That’s why Laser by Monica is a great choice for laser hair removal for men’s backs in NYC.

5. Makes Other Grooming Easier

When you permanently reduce your unwanted hair, you remove a step from your grooming routine. If you’re using laser for a slight modification like removing excessive eyebrow hair, the hair that is left will be much easier to manage.

Laser for Athletes

Male athletes, especially swimmers and cyclists, have a long list of good reasons for shaving their legs. The most common claim is that going hairless reduces drag, giving athletes in speed-based competitions an edge. Scientific experiments have backed this up, confirming that athletes with shaved legs experience less drag in both water and air.

Additionally, even the best athletes have to deal with injuries. Hair can become trapped in an open wound, which causes severe irritation and slows down the healing process. Unfortunately, shaving is only somewhat helpful in this case. Since shaving leaves the roots of the hair intact, shaved hair can start to regrow in a wound. This can result in painful ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal means you’ll cut time on your grooming necessary for your athletic pursuits.Plus, laser treatments destroy the roots of hair, so they also prevent the problem of ingrown hairs in open wounds.

Where to Go to Start Laser‌

Laser by Monica provides a private, spa-like environment for men’s laser treatments. The specialists on staff are highly trained and happy to customize treatments for clients. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, allowing you to approach sessions as soothing, treat-your-self experiences.

After you’ve checked out the rave reviews from other clients, you can book your appointment online. Come and experience the best men’s laser hair removal in Manhattan. Located in Murray Hill, Laser by Monica is accessible from neighborhoods all over New York City—making it easy to add to your grooming routine.


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