Taming the Beard: Smart Beard Care Options for Men

As a man, growing facial hair can be an amazing experience that boosts self-esteem. However, the beard care that’s an essential part of keeping your beard and the underlying skin healthy can be a bothersome task. With the diverse range of facial hair care tips available, you are bound to make some grooming mistakes.

To help you out, here are a few helpful beard trimming tips with a special highlight on men’s laser hair removal services in Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood of New York City.

Prepping Your Beard for Taming

Before you start to trim and shape your beard into the ideal shape, you need to prepare it properly. Standard preparation tips include the following.

Wash Your Beard Regularly

Your beard can quickly get dirty when you don’t put in ample effort to keep it clean. Try to properly wash your beard two or three times a week to prevent food crumbs and sticky liquids from building up. Using shampoo is a simple and great way to keep your beard hair clean and smelling fresh.

Keep Your Beard Conditioned and Hydrated

Conditioning your facial hair with beard oil regularly helps to keep it soft and shiny. Applying moisturizer helps to hydrate the underlying skin. This kind of hydration is key to preventing itchiness, maintaining hair follicle health, and controlling beard dandruff.

Tried and True Beard Taming and Care Options

Before you pick any hair removal technique, you should know the pros and cons. A few safe trimming methods for facial hair include:


Shaving is a simple, effective, and often painless facial hair removal method. Whether you use an electric shaver or a disposable razor, both have in-built blades that cut hair from the skin’s surface.

Before shaving, ensure you wet your beard and skin to soften it. Applying shaving gel or cream helps to add a protective layer of lubricant.

The effects of shaving your beard are not long-lasting, and you may require frequent re-shaving. The technique also carries the risk of cutting yourself, which can be pretty painful. Razor bumps may develop when you fail to shave in the direction of hair growth. Ingrown hairs may also form after shaving, but they often resolve after a few days.


Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser therapy is a modern and innovative way of achieving excellent long-term facial hair remova The majority of men who opt for laser hair removal on the beard only want the neck,  cheeks or both lasered in order to shape the beard so that it always looks groomed. This process also saves time by eliminating shaving around more sensitive areas that tend to be irritated for longer.  The process involves using pulses of light to destroy hair at the root level, ensuring your hair takes longer to grow back. You can use it to eliminate hair from different body parts, including your:

  • Legs
  • Face
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Armpits

The entire process is quick and efficient and is exceptionally accurate when trimming facial hair in small areas. You may experience minor redness following laser hair removal, but this is minimal—especially when performed with an expert hand.

For effective men’s laser hair removal in Murray Hill, consider seeking the services of the skilled technicians at Laser by Monica.  

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taming Your Beard

It’s likely that your beard grooming habits aren’t perfect. Here are some of the common facial hair care errors you may make.

Getting Impatient

Growing a great and thick beard doesn’t happen overnight. Try to remain patient and optimistic as beard growth takes time.

In some cases, you may experience itchiness and discomfort during the initial days of facial hair growth. If you have lighter-colored hair, growing a beard can be frustrating in the early days as it’s harder to see. You may also be discouraged by patchy and uneven beard growth—especially if your hair is thinning or graying in some spots—and give up before your beard fully blooms. Remaining patient and sticking to your beard-growing goals are key to getting that perfect beard.

The Neckline Mistake

Shaving too high above the neckline is a common mistake bearded men make. You end up looking very awkward when your beard abruptly stops just under your chin. Because the experts at Laser by Monica have several years of experience performing laser hair removal on men’s faces in NYC, we can help you define and target your natural neckline during your session.

Ignoring the Mustache

Another common mistake is to focus on your beard and completely neglect your mustache. To attain an amazing collective look, you need to remember to keep your mustache clean and neat. Also, you should pick a mustache style that matches your face and hair type. You can shape your mustache through regular trimming.Choose Laser by Monica

Proper beard care is an important life skill every man should strive to perfect. Our professional hair and skin experts are ready to assist you and answer any of your questions. If you live in New York and are in search of custom top-notch laser hair removal services, then consider visiting our skilled estheticians at Laser by Monica, nestled conveniently in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.


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