What Is LED Facial Treatment?

Are you looking for a skin treatment option that stops breakouts, reduces the signs of aging, and refreshes your complexion with no discomfort and no downtime? Then it may be time to look into LED facial treatments.

Light-emitting diode (LED) devices have been around since the 1960s. NASA researchers discovered that certain wavelengths of light help with wound healing in astronauts. Scientists then looking into this phenomenon further, and realized that LED treatment promotes cellular growth and builds new tissue.

Today, LED devices are used to improve a variety of skin conditions, including:

There is also ongoing research into how LED treatment can reverse hair loss and even heal wounds.

LED facial treatments are a popular option to improve the appearance of your skin- and for good reason! The treatment is noninvasive and nontoxic and it doesn’t require any downtime. That means that with LED treatment, you can painlessly change the appearance of your skin for the better.

How Does LED Treatment Work?

LED devices used for skin treatments deliver a spectrum of light wavelengths to improve the overall appearance of the skin. It works because your skin absorbs the light and converts the energy into increased cellular activity. Research shows that LED treatments can:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase collagen production
  • Destroy acne-causing bacteria
  • Reduce oil production
  • Speed up tissue repair

What Conditions Do LED Facial Treatments Help?

In practice, this means that LED facial treatment can address a number of common skin concerns.

Acne healing and prevention: LED treatments are helpful for reducing the risk of breakouts by getting rid of the harmful bacteria on the skin and slowing down oil production in your hair follicles. You will experience fewer breakouts after LED treatments, resulting in smoother, clearer skin without embarrassing blemishes.

Anti-aging: LED treatment can also decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The light wavelengths in LED treatment target fibroblasts in your skin, which triggers increased collagen production. As new collagen forms, your skin looks fuller, and lines and wrinkles become less visible. The result is a more youthful appearance, as your skin looks plumper and tighter.

A refreshed complexion: By improving circulation, healing damaged cells, and stimulating your skin to produce more collagen, LED leaves your skin looking brighter and more even. Your complexion will look less dull, and your appearance overall will have a healthy glow.

What Happens During an LED Facial Treatment?

LED facial treatments are easy and painless. To start, you will need to wear goggles to protect your eyes from the lights, and you will remove any makeup from your skin.


After that, you will simply lie under the device for 20 to 30 minutes and let the LED waves do all the work. The device will deliver the right energy directly to your skin with no discomfort.

There is no downtime after an LED facial treatment. The treatment is entirely noninvasive and doesn’t require any harsh chemicals that can make your skin feel irritated. You can resume normal activities immediately after treatment, though you should use sun protection afterward. The treatment is so gentle that you can combine it with other skin treatments like facials or chemical peels without worrying about damaging your skin.

What About Home LED Devices?

There are a lot of home LED devices on the market today, and they all make a lot of claims about their results. These devices rely on a weaker version of the clinical-level devices that professionals use. And while these devices are mild enough that they won’t cause damage, they don’t typically cause much improvement either.

At-home LED devices simply don’t offer the same kind of results that you get with a professional treatment. You may need to use a home device for as much as an hour each day for several weeks before you see any improvements in your skin. The LED treatments at professional spas like Laser by Monica are stronger and more effective than the home versions. Many patients at Laser by Monica, for example, report seeing a noticeable difference in their skin even after just one session.

Celluma LED Facial Treatment at Laser by Monica

At Laser by Monica, we offer Celluma LED treatment. This treatment delivers blue, red, and infrared light to give you the full spectrum of benefits. In the same way that plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into plant tissue, your skin will absorb the Celluma LED lights to naturally stimulate improvement in the appearance of your skin.

The improvements in your skin after Celluma LED treatment will make your regular skin care routine more effective. Your skin will be healthier and brighter and better able to show the beneficial effects of serums, creams, facials, and masks. Celluma LED can create the foundation for beautiful skin.

Call any of the three Laser By Monica locations to book a consultation. We offer Celluma LED treatment in New York City, Manhattan, and Murray Hill. Come find out what Celluma LED treatment can do for you.

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