Everything You Never Knew About Oxygen Facials

Living in New York has its perks, but the stress, sweat, and grime of living in the city can take a toll on your skin. Clogged pores, dull complexion, and depleted essential antioxidants are all major concerns for skin acclimated to city life. In fact, air pollution may contribute to skin aging just as much as sun damage and smoking.

Think of the last time you got away from the chaos and had a nice, deep breath of fresh air. In a single breath, you can literally feel how good it is for your mind and your body. Of course, we don’t all have time to make a trek to Mother Nature for some good quality air, and that’s where my oxygen facial treatments come in.

What is an oxygen facial?

Oxygen facial therapy is a skin treatment that uses the natural healing benefits of oxygen to your skin’s advantage. This treatment uses a concentrated stream of oxygen to nourish your skin and promote collagen growth. It also stimulates tissue detoxification, kills bacteria to fight off acne, and prevents premature aging.

On top of the existing benefits of oxygen itself, oxygen facial therapy sessions also come with a topical blend of vitamins and nutrients to further heal, nourish, and protect your skin. It includes the following vitamins that get infused in the skin along with the Oxygen:

  • Vitamin A, which keeps your skin elastic, wrinkle-free, and can even fade age spots
  • Vitamin B for smooth, soft, and unblemished skin
  • Vitamin C to promote collagen production and protect your skin
  • Vitamin E, which is made water-soluble in order to better protect and maintain your skin

What are the benefits of oxygen facials?

First and foremost, your cells need oxygen to live. Period. Consider the hyperbaric chambers used to treat burns and other severe injuries. They’re essentially tubes filled to the brim with pure oxygen to promote your body’s natural healing abilities, and my oxygen facial therapy acts on the same premise.

This type of facial is a less intense form of true oxygen therapy since your skin doesn’t need to heal itself nearly as far. But the results are absolutely stunning. The benefits of oxygen facials include:

  • Tighter skin
  • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles
  • Refined pores
  • Brightener skin tone
  • Natural Glow

The best part of these perks is that they’re entirely natural. Oxygen simply encourages your skin to be its beautiful self without reliance on any sort of chemical or invasive procedure.

Plus, this treatment doesn’t have any sort of downtime or recovery needed, unlike a chemical peel or more intensive treatment. In fact, the soothing and relaxing treatment gives your skin and your mind a break from the day to day chaos.

Altogether, these make for a rejuvenating facial that counteracts the stress and smog of living in Manhattan.

When to Get An Oxygen Facial

Everyone’s skin is different, so I can’t give a blanket statement of how often you need to come in. Typically, I’d recommend once a month since the effects are cumulative, but we’ll work together when you schedule a consultation to determine what’s right for you.


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